25 March 2009

There Will Be Blood

I've yet to read about it from any other place so who knows. Perhaps we'll be the first?

Basically what I'm talking about is declaring war on another corporation/alliance over a particular w-space we've set up shop in. Whether we have this war officially sanctioned by Concord or not is still up in the air but likely we won't as this is over W-space. Not K-space. Let them do what they want in K-space. And Concord has no jurisdiction here so why should we care about that aspect. All wormhole passages lead to seriously under managed systems so engaging them outside the W-space will likely not be too much of a problem either if it comes to that.

The reason for this war is simple. This particular w-space has shown lots of potential since its discovery as we've been able to mine nearly every type of asteroid known to the eve universe as well as some of the most elite and rarest of gas clouds. Sleepers there are very tough admittedly but the ship bonuses from the nearby spatial anomalies have been astronomical. This could be perhaps a very rare find and we intend to protect it. However, it seems a Russian corporation has found the w-space as well and has already started setting up shop with their own POS.

Needless to say, when your talking a wormhole that could easily rake in billions for the corporation, someone else setting up there just isn't acceptable. So war it is. And as of right now, from what we're seeing....the intruders are in for a very harsh lesson.


P.S. Before you say it, yes i do still feel bad for the Sleepers but at the same time....money talks. :)


Kirith Kodachi said...

This... is very interesting. Please post more on this war as it progresses. :)

Gremrod said...

This seems to be more of a normal thing for alliances and corps. these days now. Yes, please keep us up-to-date on your w-space war and adventures.