26 March 2009


"Mik....what'cha doin?"

"Nothing really. Just pokin my nose around in the cov-ops, seein what hidden treats I can find," I replied to Promephius's message.

"You interested in going on a roam? Got a small fleet together looking to go get some action."

"Yeah. Sure. Where y'all headin?"

"Not sure yet. We're just forming up. Thinking of going and taking a peek in Sarline to see what UFO is up to and then possibly 0.0 or just a local security roam throughout Solitude."

"Sounds good. What ship type you need me to bring?"

"Bring the Buzzard. We could use a scout. In fact, why don't you head over now to Sarline and poke your nose in there, see if UFO is up and about."

"Not a problem, mate. Already en route," I smiled as my ship entered warp.

I haven't really had any real experience or time in the buzzard frigate when it comes to combat but with the up-coming war, I was more than willing to gain some experience before it became truly necessary. Unfortunately, on the roam, I learned one very noticeable lack in my skills. I've gotten pretty proficient at tracking down the various exploration sights with the new probing system but it seems I still require a LOT of skill training to effectively use recon probes.

As an example, I had narrowed down to a 15 degree radius with my directional scanner a ship sitting in a safe spot somewhere between one and two AU away from me. Given that information, I launched recon probes in that direction to try and get a lock on his location. However, even with him never seeming to move, I still couldn't even pick up his signature with my probes. Oye vay, definitely something I need to work on and fast.

On the other hand, I got a lot of time in yesterday practicing sneaking up on targets that I did find. (without the aid of the probes.) This is something I definitely wanted a bit of practice on before the war really got started as its been discussed me assisting in keeping watch on all known wormholes in the w-space region we intend to secure.

As most can imagine, securing a w-space system is a bit different than securing a piece of nullsec. With the constantly shifting entrances and exits, getting the proper ships in to neutralize the intruders and their POS is proving to be quite a task. It's being done, but it's a slow process. For obvious reasons, at this time I can not disclose to public knowledge how we intend to do this or what we're using to do it but again I refer back to my previously written statement, the invaders are in for a very harsh lesson...

The other aspect is that with the entrances also constantly shifting, it can be a chore to keep an eye on what's coming in and out of the system. It's not like your normal nullsec system where you might have one or a few known gates that you could easily camp. And given no subspace communications beacons telling you who and how many are in system, intel gathering is a tad more difficult. Instead your forced to completely rely on your directional scanners.

But either way, right now, it's almost like a race. They know we're there. They know about our POS just as we know about theirs. I'm sure they also understand the rarity of this particular system and they already know from a couple small skirmishes some of our guys already in system had with them, that we mean business. So now it's a matter of who can get their stuff properly secured before the other. As of right now, all we've seen is a few industrials, a couple falcons, a few battleships and some other small toys. Let's just say, for a system of this value, they'd better have something else up their sleeve or be willing to lose a lot.

It'll most likely be this weekend or so that I begin moving some of my own gear into the system. Come the following week, it'll be more preparations. However, for myself it will mostly be taking pleasure in harassing them. Camping any discovered entrances/exits. Attempting to cut off their supplies by destroying any industrial haulers. Making hit and run attacks on any of their ships attempting to mine the belts or gas clouds. POSSIBLY aiding the sleepers during any combat activities they attempt.

Basically, the system and its resources aren't going anywhere. So until the other corporation is obliterated or at least withdrawn, it's to be our number one priority.

For now though, it's just a matter of winning the race.